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Queen Elizabeth Reveals The One Thing She Always Does Whenever She Enters A Room. And Her Reason Why May Surprise You

March 08, 2018

Queen Elizabeth was quite young when she ascended to the throne when her father, King George VI, died suddenly in 1952. At 25 years of age, young Elizabeth had thrust upon her the rights and responsibilities that someone twice her age would find daunting.

Nevertheless, she took it all on and went on to be the longest-reigning Monarch in Great Britain history. Considered one of the most poised, gracious, and confident women in the world, you may be surprised to find out that she wasn't always so self-assured.

When she first took on the Crown, it wasn't always easy for her when it was time to fulfill her responsibilities. There was definitely a learning curve for the young queen, as she found herself in the company of the most powerful, influential, and prominent politicians, dignitaries, and luminaries the world has ever seen.

How did a young, diminutive woman, who just happens to be Queen, make a mark for herself and command the attention and respect of everyone whose company she kept? One simple rule she followed whenever she was faced with entering a roomful of people.

Elizabeth and her younger sister Margaret were taught by their mother, from an early age, a secret that would always give them the confidence they needed to deal with whatever lay on the other side of that door.

That secret? It's quite simple, really. And it's advice we can all turn to when social anxiety rears its ugly head. Lady Penn, who was once lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother told Town & Country, "I think the Queen probably when she was young felt walking into a room full of people was rather daunting.

"So she said to her, 'What you want to do, when you walk into a room, is walk through the middle of the door.' And I think by that she meant, don't sort of go in apologetically. You walk through as if 'I'm in charge.' I think that was very good advice."

I think it's clear that Her Majesty has perfected that advice. Now, a seasoned professional, much of her eminence and regal presence hearkens back to that sage advice one mother gave to her precious daughter as she was taking on the most challenging role of a lifetime. And we're very glad she did!

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