Here Are The Top 10 Puppy Piles That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Grinning

October 06, 2017

Is there anything more likely to bring a smile to your face than cute photos of newborn puppies? With their wrinkled skin and large heads, it’s not hard to see why we find them so irresistible! They have the most precious yawns and the best puppy-breath ever!

What’s better than one newborn puppy? A whole litter of course! After searching high and low, we have compiled for you a list of the Top 10 cutest puppy piles.

This litter of the softest looking Beagle puppies

This gorgeous litter of Irish Setter puppies

This newborn litter of Bulldogs

This litter of Weimaraners you just want to cuddle

This litter of Dachshunds who refuse to wake up for photographs

This litter of Springer Spaniels who are dreaming of all their future adventures

This litter of Australian Labradoodles who are already on their way to being Instagram Stars at one-day-old

This litter of Labrador Retrievers who just want to sleep all day

This tired litter of Huskies, who look deceptively sweet and innocent now, but will grow to be mischievous and active adults

This adorable litter of sleepy German Shepherds

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