Hero Dog Sees Small Animal Drowning In Water And Immediately Does Something That Leaves His Owner Speechless

September 19, 2017

There is no doubt in my mind that dogs are some of the most loving and empathetic creatures on the planet. Often times we find that our loyal furry companions think of our safety and the safety of other creatures, long before they think about their own. A dog named Storm demonstrates this fact beautifully when his owner takes him on a walk one afternoon. Storm's owner has no idea that, by the end of the day, his pup will be a hero.

Near the end of their morning walk, Storm and his owner decide to make their way down to a beach area nearby. Once they arrive, Storm begins to behave strangely. The dog seems to want to run down to the water and his owner cannot figure out why. As the owner looks more closely, however, he realizes that Storm has spotted a baby deer that is drowning. Storm's owner quickly takes off the dog's leash and sends the pup into the water to help.

Storm charges into the water and, soon, gets ahold of the fawn. The brave pup brings the little deer ashore and the fawn immediately tries to run away. Storm runs with the deer until it collapses. He then stands guard over the tiny deer until help arrives. The fawn is taken to a local animal hospital where it is nursed back to health and, as soon as it’s strong enough, released. Storm's owner knows that his dog is a genuine hero and Storm is just glad that the deer is safe and sound! Watch the video, below, to see the incredible rescue for yourself.

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