High School Principal Surprises Students At Pep Rally By Dancing With The Step Team, Making The Crowd Go Wild

November 07, 2017

The principal at Lake Mary High School surprised her student body at her school's pep rally when she appeared alongside the dance team - and the video has gone viral. The video that was posted on Friday has already been viewed 766,000 times and shared by almost 12,000 users. Dr. Mickey Reynolds dressed in the same red-and-black uniforms as the STEP team did, adding to her authenticity.

Step Team coach Kelly Lupis said of the performance,“I didn’t think that it would be that big of a deal when we thought of putting this together and that’s the best part of it," Lupis said. "With so many negative things going on around us, people are seeing it and all the comments have been so positive and inspiring."

Reynolds was surprised by the response she got saying, “When you’re a principal and you do something like that, we recognize and understand we're going to be laughed at, and we’re OK with that.” But what she got was much more than she expected. The principal said that the video has gotten comments where one principal is challenging another principal to do something similar with students.

Dr. Reynolds said that wasn't what she was initially trying to do, but that if it inspires other principals to work harder to connect with their students, she's done more than she could ever ask for. Reynolds had clearly put some practice into the dance, as she nailed almost every move, making the high school crowd go wild with her nearly two-minute performance.

Coach Lupis said the performance was the principal’s idea; she said, "It's amazing to see a principal stand beside the kids and say, 'You can do whatever you put your mind to.' And now they feel like they're supported," Lupis said.

Reynolds also attended and graduated from the school, which is another reason she's passionate about giving back to it. “We have so many things in the world that tear us apart and it’s my job to bring us together. And to support a team that’s called and shows unity, and have people find value in their message, means so much," Reynolds said.

"Students are, first of all, the hope for our future and they’re willing to come together from all walks of life and applaud each other and put aside their differences. And the adults need to get on board," she said. "The coach is a real inspiration for the kids and I wouldn’t have been able to connect in that way if she weren’t here. It takes people at different levels to have that."

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