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High Schooler Jumps Into Action To Save Cheerleader When Her Dad Can’t Be There For Parent’s Day

January 09, 2018

Growing up, there’s nothing a little girl loves more than her father. The bond between them is one of the strongest bonds on Earth, and it’s truly beautiful to see the relationship and watch a dad with his daughter. Sadly, in today’s world, those wonderful father-daughter moments are becoming few and far between.

Addie Rodriguez from San Antonio, Texas, is a daddy’s girl to her core. When her father went to California for military training, Addie missed him dearly but knew he was going away to help people. It was tough for her to be away from him, but with her mom, Alexis, by her side, they were getting along fine while they waited for his return.

As a cheerleader, Addie knows how to inspire joy and cheerfulness in crowds and she’s quite good at it. During a cheerleading performance at a Central Catholic High School football game less than a week after her father left for training, Addie was faced with a rather depressing situation. It was parent’s day, and all of the other cheerleader’s dads arrived for the performance.

Addie stood there, crying and missing her father, while all of the girls were lifted on to their father’s shoulders. Alexis’s heart was breaking as she stood there and watched, but before she could find some way to help, someone beat her to it. Matthew Garcia, a senior at Central Catholic High School, jumped the fence and ran to her side. When he found out why she was alone, he asked if she minded if he filled in.

He lifted Addie up on to his shoulders, taking her missing father’s position and bringing a huge smile to her face. Alexis was amazed and thankful that he stepped in, and was so grateful to see the smile Matthew’s kind actions brought to her face. Matthew’s quick response turned what would have been a depressing and horrifying moment in Addie’s life, into one full of joy and happiness, and that is the sign of a truly wonderful person.

Matthew’s action of understanding and kindness serves as a reminder to all of us that we should all step in and help others who may need us. If we all could learn to be a little more like him, the world would surely be a better place for everyone, full of grace and generosity. Hopefully, with his reminder, even a few of us will do our best to make the world a better place and help others in whatever way we can.

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