Hilarious Great Dane Refuses To Accept That Bed Is Too Small

February 08, 2018

Great Danes are some of the biggest dogs around, coming in at 30 inches tall at the shoulder! These magnificent dogs aren’t just giants though, they’re also magnificent pets!

They are loving and loyal pets, who are more than happy to show others why they make such superb pets! One adorable Great Dane named Oreo happens to be just a sleepy dog all the time!

When Oreo’s owners bought a new bed for their cat, Lola, they certainly never expected it to go quite like it did. When Lola wasn’t around, Oreo decided that it was the perfect time to try out the new bed!

Their doting momma just so happened to be recording as Oreo began to check out the tiny bed, curiosity taking over. Oreo began to circle around the bed, testing out the soft, plush bed. It was new and therefore better than his own bed, so he just had to try it!

As he began to try out the bed, it was evident that this bed was definitely not going to fit his noble bulk! Finally, he plopped down onto the bed, and the bed was completely covered by the big pup!

His owner couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her giant Great Dane curled up on top of the tiny feline bed. Naturally, she had to share this video online for the world to see just how amazing Oreo - and other Great Danes - truly are!