His Heart Was Broken But His Spirit Wasn’t. Bobi Just Needed A Chance To Show His Worth

January 31, 2018

Bobi had given up on life and was ready to die. With nowhere to go and no one to love him, there was no reason to go on. Tired of the struggle, this beautiful boy spent his days roaming around the railroad tracks, just waiting for the inevitable. Little did he realize that there was a group of kind-hearted humans who were looking for a dog just like him!

When the dedicated team at “Hope for Paws” caught wind of Bobi’s situation, they made it their mission to do whatever it took to get this sweet pup started on a new, better life. Their first attempts to track him were fruitless; every time the dog spotted them, he walked farther and farther away.

Eventually, rescuers won his trust and Bobi was soon on his way to the shelter for a veterinary examination and a much-needed bath. The medical team discovered that not only was Bobi around nine years old, but he was also blind in one eye. With these cards stacked against him, his chances of surviving any longer on the streets were slim.

One piece of good news, however, is that the team found a microchip on the pup. Their spirits were buoyed by the thought that they may have rescued someone’s beloved pet. When they contacted the owner, however, they were disappointed to learn that the owner was not interested in Bobi’s return. So now, they needed to find a foster home for the sweet boy. It may be for the best, though, since he obviously was not loved and treasured at his former home!

Bobi’s recovery was not only physical but also spiritual. Even though he was a senior dog, he learned how to romp and play just like a puppy! Making friends, learning to walk on a leash, and frolicking in the yard with his puppy pals, Bobi is getting a taste of the good life! In spite of his disability, this courageous canine is bound and determined to make the most of this opportunity to grow and thrive in a new, enriching environment.

We are thankful that “Howl of a Dog” rescue team was on the job, and were able to bring this darling doggy under their protection. Now, all that’s left is for the perfect forever family to step up and take him home. Do you have room in your heart for a fabulous dog like Bobi?

To see the uplifting story of Bobi’s amazing transformation, watch the video, below.

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