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Hit By A Car And Left To Die. When Rescuers First Saw Her, They Weren’t Sure If She Would Even Survive

January 30, 2018

When Hope For Paws received a phone call about a Chihuahua in desperate need of help, they knew they needed to race over there. The Chihuahua they would later name Amy had been hit by a passing car and left to die, suffering for weeks. From the first moment they laid eyes on her, they knew she needed to see a vet if she was going to have any chance of living a happy and healthy life.

Rescuers first saw Amy as she cowered under a shipping container, hiding among the trash. There were bugs crawling among the refuse, fire ants and spiders posing a further risk to the injured dog's health. As she trembled, they got their first glance at some of the injuries she had suffered in the crash.

On her hind leg, there was a spot of blood, where it looked like the bone must have pushed through the skin. Every move she made, you could tell that it only hurt the leg more and more. The pain was evident on her face as she struggled to escape, not knowing that they were there to save her and make sure that she never felt pain again.

Working carefully and with the help of a 20-foot long pole with a net, they were able to send her skittering out from underneath the shipping container. As she left the relative safety, they threw a net over her, sending her into a panic. The rescuers quickly tried to calm her down so she wouldn’t injure herself further and hated that they had to scare her so much in order to save her.

She slowly began to settle, realizing that they were touching her but only in kindness. Eventually, she calmed down to the point where they were able to slip a leash around her and remove the net, ensuring her safety. They raced her to the vet, where they discovered that her most serious injury was the leg, a horribly broken bone near her knee. It required immediate surgery and even an external fixator to repair it.

After recovering from surgery, she was able to go on to a loving foster home where she was able to overcome all of her injuries. Eight weeks after surgery, Amy was back in perfect health and she now gets to spend the rest of her life making up for all the pain and suffering she endured. She spends her days playing with other pups and racing around the yard and learning how to trust the love of a person. Here’s hoping that she is able to find her very own, perfect, forever home.