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Holly Was Abandoned On The Street And Terrified Of Everyone. When They Rescued Her, She Wasn't Sure Who To Trust

August 17, 2017

Dogs are such gentle creatures, that it can leave you wondering why anyone would abuse or hurt them. When a dog is abandoned, sometimes they forget that humans can be gentle and loving companions. Luckily for this little dog, someone was willing to put in the time and effort to remind her that there are good people.

When Cheryl Cook found an abandoned and terrified dog, she tried her best to catch her. However, the dog was too terrified for her to be able to be successful, and she had to call for help. Eldad with Hope For Paws Animal Rescue answered her call, and raced over to help her.

When he arrived on scene, Cheryl had used a temporary fence to trap the terrified dog who later be known as Holly in a safe area. Holly was terrified and shaking near a door, unsure of what these people would do to her. Holly was a fighter though, and she wasn’t going to let them touch her.

Her time on the streets had taught her to be suspicious and not let people approach, so when she was trapped with nowhere to go but towards people she began to fight. As Eldad approached, he tried to get his gentle lead over her head. She struggled and snapped, baring her teeth in a terrified snarl as Eldad tried to capture her.

Eldad never gave up on the terrified dog. Eventually, he was able to get the leash around her neck to make sure she was completely safe. Slowly, he began to work on building her trust by petting her with a blanket. Normally, he would reach out and use his hand but she was so terrified she was trying to bite. At one point, she did almost bite Eldad. Luckily, he was faster than her. Very slowly, she began to trust Eldad and he was able to rescue the terrified dog.

When Holly was safe, they took her to get groomed. She had a terrible flea problem thanks to her time on the street after being abandoned. After she was cleaned up, she was placed in a foster home with another dog for adoption, Wally. The two of them became inseparable, and were fast friends from the very start.

Holly and Wally were able to find an amazing home - together. The two of them went to their new home a mere two months are Holly was rescued.

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