Homeless Man Is Unrecognizable After He Gets A Complete Makeover. Now He Has The Confidence To Take On The World

November 09, 2017

No matter where you go in the world, chances are you will encounter a homeless population, whether big or small. What we have to understand is that, even though most of these people are on the street with not much to their name, they are still people who deserve the same time and dignity as anyone else. The team at "Male Essentials" hair studio agrees with this truth wholeheartedly and go out of their way to offer help to many of the homeless people they meet around their community.

On this particular evening, the owner of Male Essentials meets a man named Luke. Luke is known around the community as "Jesus," no doubt because of his long hair and burly beard. The owner invites Luke inside the shop, out of the cold night and offers him a seat. The owner then strikes up a conversation with Luke so he can find out a bit more about the unkempt yet humorous man that sits before him.

After finding out Luke's favorite movie and favorite song, the owner asks Luke where he resides in the city. Luke lives in a community called "Rain City." It is a homeless community where people can build makeshift homes for themselves and also acquire a few commodities such as a television set and mattress to sleep on. While Luke may have a little more than the average homeless person, the hair studio wants him to leave feeling better than he has in a long time.

Soon Luke is sitting in the barber's chair and ready for an entirely new look for himself. They lean the man back and start the process by giving his hair a good wash with shampoo and conditioner; of course Luke gets a well nice scalp massage as well. Once the hair is dry, it is time to give Luke a proper trim, or maybe a bit more than a trim. Luke's hair goes from hanging down to his shoulders, to a proper gentleman's barber cut. Then it comes time to remove the massive beard from Luke's face, and this shows the biggest transformation of all!

When all is said and done, Luke sits up in his chair to reveal a handsome face that is unrecognizable from the bearded man that entered the shop earlier. An air of new confidence brims from Luke's smiling face. The owner of the shop offers Luke a beverage from fridge and jokes that Luke's friends won't recognize him when they see him and that Luke will have a hard time getting anyone to believe that he is homeless with his new look!

The owner of the shop encourages Luke to apply for a job as soon as he can because he believes with Luke's new look and, more importantly, the newfound confidence Luke feels, people would be crazy not to hire him. Luke thanks, everyone in the studio for their help and struts out onto the street, a new man. The owner of Male Essentials knows that his life's call is to help others in need and Luke is one more life that is certainly changed for the better!

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