Homeless Puppy Encounters Two Strangers. When All Hope Seems Lost, Watch A Miracle Unfold!

October 10, 2017

Living on the streets of Greece with no permanent place to lay his head, this dog was sad, alone, and in need of a forever home. Then one day a few people on their adventure-filled vacation discover this wandering stray. Intrigued by this fun-loving pup, they begin spending time with him, providing him with food, giving him a collar of his very own, and naming him Spud. Over time, the pup starts to trust and befriend the group of people who have come to his aid.

Enjoying this newfound friendship, Spud begins to follow the humans everywhere during the rest of their visit. He accompanies them on their boat and waits for them by the window every morning. He is attached and does not want them ever to leave. The visit is short-lived, however, and the time arrives when they must head back to England. Unable to adopt the dog themselves, they ask people in the area if anyone is interested in taking this sweet fur baby permanently. With no takers, and when all hope seems lost, they get a brilliant idea. They start making Facebook videos of the dog to see if anyone out there would be willing to adopt this sweet boy. They have come too far, and they love this dog too much just to abandon him.

To their surprise, a friend in England responds to one of the Facebook videos, and she is ready and willing to foster Spud. The trek to England will not be an easy one for the pup, yet they are determined to provide him with a life full of love. And so the long journey begins, with a 14-hour drive through Greece and four long ferry trips. The grueling journey seems all worthwhile as Spud meets his forever mom for the very first time. He now lives a fun-filled life where he is safe and gets to experience love on a daily basis. It's a beautiful story demonstrating the lengths someone is willing to go to, to give a lost soul a second chance in life. Enjoy!

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