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Homeless Puppy Was Struck By A Car And Left For Dead- See Her Be Transformed By The Power Of Love

February 22, 2018

One day, a woman was driving along when she witnessed something terrible. She couldn’t believe her eyes but she had just seen a puppy get struck by a car. She immediately called 911 and pulled her car over to check on the poor puppy.

While rescuers were en route, she was able to find the injured dog hiding underneath a parked car. She watched and waited as the helpless puppy hid in pain. Thankfully, rescuers were getting closer each second.

When rescuers finally arrived, they were heartbroken to see a pit bull puppy hiding underneath the car. She growled as they tried to woo her out. After a couple minutes of wooing the pup towards them, the rescuers finally managed to get a hold of her and pull her out from the car. Still, she continued to growl aggressively.

She was terrified and began growling- she thought she needed to be aggressive. Thankfully, she was able to walk on her own, which gave the rescuers hope that her injuries weren’t life-threatening. The rescuers loaded her up and began transporting her in a kennel to the nearest hospital. She growled all the way to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, It didn’t take long for the pup to warm up to the rescuers. It was almost as if she knew instantly that the rescuers were there to help her. Her x-rays showed that she didn’t have any broken bones, however, she had quite a bit of bruising. Doctors put her on antibiotics and almost instantly, her spirits lifted.

All of a sudden, she was the happiest and sweetest puppy! She kept hugging and cuddling with her rescuers. They were shocked to see her transform from the scared and angry puppy she had just rescued!

They decided to name the puppy Jezebel. In fact, she was so good with people that she went on to be in a special training program.

After being rescued, she is happy, healthy, and sweet! Thank goodness that good samaritan called for rescuers. Now, Jezebel is living the good life! See her remarkable transformation below!


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