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Homeless Senior Dog Found Wandering Train Tracks. When Rescuers Found Him, They Realized He Was In Need Of A Miracle

January 31, 2018

One day, some men were walking along the road on a cool winter day. With little to see alongside the road, their eyes kept ahead of them, expecting a simple trek to town. As they carried on with conversation, one man caught of glimpse of something that caught him off guard.

In the distance, there was a small white dog walking along some old train tracks. He could tell that the dog was lost and possibly a stray so he tried to run after him. The dog immediately got frightened and ran in the opposite direction of the man. After several failed attempts, the man called animal rescuers.

When rescuers first arrived, they attempted the same tactics as the man before them, however, running toward the pup only scared him into running further away. The rescuers knew that the dog needed to be rescued, so they planned to chase the dog away from the tracks and off toward an empty road.

While on the road, the dog finally began trusting the rescuers a little more. After a couple minutes, the dog walked over to the rescuers and let the man pet him. The dog was timid; right away rescuers could tell that the dog was blind, wounded, and severely dehydrated. They fed the pup and slipped a leash ever so gently on his neck.

When they got to the animal shelter, they found the dog was microchipped! Hopeful, they called the owner and shared that they had found their missing dog, whose name was Bobi. Rescuers learned that Bobi was a senior dog more than ten miles from home. Sadly, the owner shared that he was not interested in being reunited with Bobi and asked that the shelter take care of him from then on.

Bobi was sweet, gentle, and very obedient. Rescuers managed to clean him up quite well and gain his trust. After Bobi received the care that he needed, he was practically a new dog! Yes, he was considered a senior dog with a blind eye, but he was eager to play with his dog friends and spend time with his rescuer companions at the shelter.

Until he’s adopted, he’ll continue playing with his friends and living under the care of the rescuers who found him! To see the story, check out the video, below!

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