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Homeowner Was Horrified When He Realized The Rare And Mysterious Thing He Had Destroyed

March 05, 2018

When a homeowner in New Zealand began to smell what seemed to be rotting meat, he knew he needed to find what the cause of the horrific scent was. For two days, he scoured his yard, trying to find what he believed was surely going to be a dead cat or animal. His entire house began to reek, and flies began to flock to his property.

When he discovered the source of the horrific smell was coming from the gorgeous flowers in his backyard, he chopped them all down and buried them. Pleased that the smell was finally gone, he began to search for what kind of plant it was that had stunk up his yard for days. After posting some photos online and comparing the plant to others like it, he was horrified to realize he had just destroyed the world’s rarest flower.

It is called the Corpse Flower because of its horrific stench and only blooms once every ten years. The last time a Corpse Flower bloomed in New Zealand, thousands of people flocked to witness the gorgeous and rare plant. There’s no undoing what he has done, and now he’s left with nothing but horrifying guilt. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder to all of us to not act rashly and to look into things that may seem a little odd before we do something we can’t take back.