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Homeowners On Both U.S. Coasts Are Being Warned To Look For These Warning Signs In 2018

January 02, 2018

With the New Year upon us, seasons will undoubtedly be changing before we know it. Pretty soon, the cold winds and dry air will be replaced with earlier sun rises and fresh air. This year, The New Year is promising a lot of good, but even in the midst of the newness, there is one visitor that is not welcomed.

The Stink Bug. Now, I know what you’re thinking; the stink bug isn’t a real threat. In fact, they haven’t even been a real problem since 2015. If you remember, 2015 was the year of one of the harshest winters the U.S. has seen.

While the temperature dropped collectively throughout the U.S., the stink bug’s population also plummeted. With their population dwindling down so astronomically, they remained virtually nonexistent to the rest of the world.

So you’re probably wondering why they’d be a bother now, in the spring of 2018. Well, since their population decrease in 2015, they’ve had to work very, very hard to multiply. This year, there are finally enough of the insects to make a significant impact. In fact, it seems as though they’re coming back ten times more aggressive.

This Stink Bug epidemic will not impact all areas the same. In fact, experts are saying that in the U.S., the Eastern Coastline and The Northwest will see the most stink bugs. These little stinkers (literally) tend to gravitate toward cooler, moist climates.

The winter is keeping them at bay for now, but come the warmer months, they’ll be on the move from inside the deep nooks and crannies of your home to the family rooms, kitchens, and porches. It is during late January, February, and March that they’ll really make an appearance in your home, so keep your eyes open and your nose plugged. The biggest sign that stink bugs might be infesting your home is - you guessed it - the stink. Stink Bugs are known to smell like intense cilantro, rotten nuts, or rotten fruits. Their stench is potent and they are not shy about sharing their "fragrance".

Whatever you do, do not - I repeat - do not vacuum the insects! They will become frightened and release a powerful odor out of fear. Instead, try a D.I.Y. trap by cutting a soda bottle into a funnel shape and placing the top of the bottle inside. Add a small light to the bottom of the bottle; this will attract the bugs. After a couple of days, your bottle will be full of stink bugs. Empty outside, far from your home.

This year, make sure your home is stink-bug-proof! Remember the signs of their smell and remember the D.I.Y. trap. If you have an excessive problem, call a professional!

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