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Horrific Tale Of Everything Avalon Suffered Will Chill You To The Bone

March 29, 2018

Little Avalon may be living the life she always deserved nowadays, but the truth is that the start of her young life sounds like something out of a terrifying tale. Avalon belonged a family who didn’t care for her and hated everything about her. She was abused and neglected, forced to suffer unbearable atrocities. On the outside, Avalon’s family was perfect, but what went on behind closed doors was what broke her spirit.

Avalon is a tiny little critter, and hearing everything she suffered is enough to break your heart. Whenever her family spotted her as she scampered along through the rooms, they would throw things at her. Often times, it was a heavy shoe or book that they threw as hard as they could. When that didn’t stop her, they would try and smack her with anything they could get their hands on, like a newspaper or a fly swatter.

Whenever visitors would come to the house, Avalon was locked away and hidden, not allowed to come out and enjoy life. She tried to come out once when their co-workers were over, and her family tried to kill her that day. Luckily for her, Avalon was able to escape their wrath and hide in the back of the closet until they seemed to forget about her.

Everything in Avalon’s young life came to a head one horrible evening when they managed to corner her as they were in one of their rages. Her father threw a large book at her, and when it struck her this time, her leg broke, leaving her unable to walk or put any weight on it. It wasn’t until he turned around and went to get something new to throw that she managed to make it underneath the bed where she cowered.

Her torment went on every day for six months before finally, someone stepped in to save her life. Her savior, Hannah, was visiting the household, and from the moment they laid eyes on the spunky little Avalon, they knew she needed their help. Hannah immediately scooped little Avalon up in her arms and carried her out of that hell, taking her to get the help she needed. With Hannah’s help, Avalon was able to heal up and live the life she was always meant to be.

Hannah took Avalon home with her, where she built her a beautiful home and gave her all of the food and love she could. Avalon was finally living the life this little spider was always meant to!

We hope that you enjoyed our April Fools Day story! Feel free to pass it along to anyone else you think might enjoy the tale of Avalon the little house spider! Don’t worry though, no spiders were injured in the writing of this story!