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Bar Patrons Hear Crazy Commotion Coming Straight For Them! When They Look Up, They Can’t Believe What Is Charging Them At Full Speed

October 02, 2018

Imagine ending a long day at your favorite pub; you're enjoying some casual conversation with your friends when all of a sudden, you begin to hear a wild commotion outside. The sounds and chaos get louder and louder and in just a second, the most shocking scenario unfolds before your very eyes. That’s what happened to the folks in this story.

Some residents of a small French town were enjoying some drinks at their local pub when they began to hear chaotic news from outside. But within seconds, the choas sounded like it wa coming directly for them... They braced themselves.

Within an instant, a crazy brown filly came charging into the pub! You read that correctly- a horsecharged...into a pub.

Patrons immediately bolted out of the filly’s immediate path as the filly charged aggressively towards the back of the pub. Some patrons ran behind the bar while others ran out through the front doors after horse entered.

Video cameras captured the horse’s wild appearance. Though the young horse was only in the pub for seconds, she made sure to make a scene. Bucking and running through the bar, she ran up and down the main walkway of the pup.

The filly, a mischievous racehorse who was notorious for running off, managed to escape from her trainer’s rope. After bolting for the bar, causing a significant scene, and turning back out, the horse’s trainer was able to regain control of the free-spirited filly.

Check out the footage below to see the horse cause a stir in the local pub! What would you have done if you were in the pub and a horse charged you?

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