Horse Panics Because It Is Trapped When Flood Waters Rise. But A Lonesome Cowboy Appears, To Save The Day


As we all know by now, Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc on Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced, as well as many animals left behind to fend for themselves. This is a story about one of those left behind. A horse is stuck in a pen and is clearly panicking. He needs to be rescued and, just when all hope is lost, a cowboy rises up to save to day.


These Texas Cowboys are out riding around the area, trying to save as many people, horses, and livestock as they can, when they come upon a trapped horse. You can see Rowdy, the horse, struggling to get the gate open and, after a few tugs, he walks out the open gate to freedom. Well, almost. He still has a way to go as he and the cowboy tread through the deep water.


The man behind the camera says, “This is what we do. We help livestock. We try to help people.” Amazingly, according to the caption on the video, “All animals were saved.” Watch the video below and see these cowboys save the day, and the life of Rowdy, the horse.

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