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While In Hot Pursuit Of Fleeing Fugitive, Florida Cops Follow Him Into A Horse Pasture. Little Did They Know Who - Or What - Would Take The Man Down

January 23, 2019

This is one of those stories you just have to read to believe. In times when we think animals are just simple-minded creatures, stories like this come across our laps and remind us just how brilliant and helpful animals truly are!

Recently in Florida, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department was in hot pursuit of a 29-year-old fugitive named Dominic Maultsby. According to sources, Maultsby’s vehicle caught the attention of officers when they noticed that he was driving a vehicle with a tag light out, making the tag unable to be read.

As the cops turned on their lights in an attempt to pull him over, they never could have predicted just what events would take place next. Upon seeing the lights, Maultsby quickly sped away, trying his best to outrun the police and flee from their sight.

Before the chase got out of hand, the police brilliantly used a spike strip to deflate his tires and cause his car to come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, this still didn’t stop the crazed man.

As soon as he realized his car was now rendered useless, he did what any unintelligent fugitive would do - he began running afoot. Little did he know that, too, would be a serious mistake. He ran until he reached a pasture of horses. He hopped the fence and assumed that he could sneak away into the night out of the sight of the cops, but little did he and the cops know, help was secretly hiding in the field.

That help was none other than the horses! The police had been trailing him via helicopter and caught the entire fiasco on camera. As soon as the horses saw the crazed man wildly running through their field, they knew they had to do something to stop him.

Three of the horses bolted after him, causing him to run even harder. He headed for the closest part of the fence and fell over it, just seconds before they horses reached him. This gave the cops just the edge they needed to help secure his final arrest.

Maultsby was officially arrested with “resisting without violence, two counts of fleeing and attempting to elude, driving while license suspended and violation of probation reference to aggressive battery on a law enforcement officer.”

The owners of the horses were certainly shocked to wake up to the news that their beloved equines were the heroes of the night. While they know that their animals are friendly and would never hurt anyone, they were glad they played their part in helping bring down a criminal, even if it was in a very unique and unlikely way.

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