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How To Be A Princess 101: It's Panic Time For Meghan Markle As She Begins Crash Course Before May 19th Wedding

February 11, 2018

With her highly publicized wedding just weeks away, panic has set in for the Princess-to-be. Growing up in Los Angeles and living among the glitter and glam of Hollywood for most of her adult life has taught Meghan Markle a thing or two about dealing with all sorts of people.

Her natural likability and charm have taken her far in the entertainment world but has it prepared her for the traditional, proper, and protocol-laden life of Royalty?

There must be at least one influential Royal who thinks Meghan could use a little help in this regard, and I have a hunch Queen Elizabeth is right there keeping an eye on this aspect of the wedding preparations.

According to Royal sources, Meghan has recently begun on a crash-course in royal etiquette and elocution in the hopes that she will be able to avoid the difficulties that Princess Diana suffered through during the early days of her marriage.

Horror stories about her late Mother-in-law’s anxiety over feeling out of place and ill-prepared for the life she so suddenly embarked upon when she married Prince Charles in 1981 must have influenced Markle’s plan of action.

Instruction will cover such important matters as the proper way to get out of a car, toning down her American accent, incorporating British terminology into her speech, table manners, and socializing with foreign diplomats.

She may also benefit from tips on how to run a royal household and dealing with the staff who will be at her beck-and-call.

I have no doubt that she’ll do it. After all, what better motivation can there be than to have the eyes of the entire world on you? And I get the feeling that there is a segment of the population that would love to see this young American come up short when compared to the Brits.

But with Harry by her side rooting for her all the way, we are confident that she will learn the role of her lifetime and be ready for her big scene on May 19th!

To learn more about what Meghan is learning over the next few weeks, see the video, below. Also, you'll find some breaking news about a couple of celebrities who are confirmed to be on the guest list!

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