How To Get The Waist You've Always Wanted. This 5 Minute Workout Will Give You The Abs Of Your Dreams

August 08, 2017

This workout is amazing and I promise you will get results. I have always struggled with my abs and my waist. I'm not naturally small in the midsection so I have to work on it and at it. I stumbled upon this workout a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I've seen results and so have others according to the comment section below the video. Vicky Justiz is the waist expert, her 5-minute workout is a must if you want the tiny waist you dream of. Here are her moves that you must do to get those abs and tiny waist you've always wanted.

Plank for 30 secs - Plank twists (20) - Bicycle Crunches (30) - Side Crunches (20 on each side) - Knee to Elbow Planks (30) - Hip Raises (As many as you can). Repeat the whole workout 3x for ideal results. Incorporate this workout into your daily routine. Watch the video below and get your abs and waist in shape.

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