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Hungry Goat Is Unable To Reach Food. What He Does To A Nearby Donkey Will Leave You In Complete Shock!

October 03, 2017

Most of us have been there at some point in our life; we have the desire to grab something yet it's completely out of our reach. You either ask for assistance, grab a chair or stool, or have someone lift you up. Either way, you need help, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your end goal. There's no way you're backing down, and there's no way you're giving up.

Doing whatever it takes to achieve the goal, seems to be the mindset of this goat when it sees the crabapples dangling from the tree overhead. With no stool, bench, or chair in sight, the goat turns his attention to the one thing that just might get him close enough to the apples. Hoping his good friend the donkey is willing to help him on his quest, the goat jumps right on his buddy's back. Balancing perfectly on his perch, he’s able to reach the apples. This goat has just hit the jackpot and chows down to his heart’s content.

The donkey waits patiently as his friend goes about filling his belly. These animals set a great example of how dreams can become a reality when we work together; simply asking for help or giving aid with a servant’s heart is all it takes!. Enjoy this cute video. It's a balancing act like you've never seen before!

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