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Major Update As Hurricane Florence Headed Towards East Coast As A Category 4 Hurricane; Your Prayers Are Desperately Needed Now

September 10, 2018

The United States East Coast residents are praying for a miracle right now and they desperately need your prayers too.


Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina officially claims a state of emergency after declaring that North Carolina is in the “bull’s-eye” of the rapidly strengthening storm, Hurricane Florence.


While National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham hoped to comfort residents by educating them that the storm might slow down while far off the coast, residents are now terrified to learn that the storm is only growing.


As Florence swept through the Atlantic, it only grew more intense.


By approximately 12:10 on Monday, September 10th, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center declared the incoming Hurricane Florence was rapidly intensifying. After reaching criteria of a Category 3 hurricane, Florence was reclaimed as a Category 4.


According to the National Hurricane Center, Florence may likely fluctuate given the varying temperature of the Atlantic water. Regardless, it will likely cause major damage by the time it reaches South Carolina. It is believed to reach South Carolina by Thursday, September 13th around 2 p.m.


Residents of the East Coast have been well aquatinted with hurricanes, although it does not make their introduction any less deadly.


Please pray for residents on the East Coast as the thought of a natural disaster is utterly terrifying. Please pray the storm slows down and that the warm water from the coast helps to weaken the growing hurricane.

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