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Hurricane Florence Update: Carolinas And Virginia Are Given Massive Warning After Experts Fear For A Category 5 Hurricane; Your Prayers Are Needed Now

September 11, 2018

South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia are in desperate need of your prayers as Hurricane Florence’s unprecedented activity heads straight for the coastal states.


AccuWeather meteorologists are fearing for the worst Hurricane Florence makes its way towards the Eastern coast. Hurricane Florence, in particular, is a very unique storm given its origin far out in the Atlantic. As the storm mixes with warmer waters, its intensity is likely to change.


AccuWeather’s VP of Forecasting and Graphics Operations, Marshall Moss, shared, “There’s never been a storm like Florence. It was located farther north in the Atlantic than any other storm to ever hit the Carolinas, so what we’re forecasting is unprecedented. Also, most storms coming into the Carolinas tend to move northward, and this storm looks like it’s going to stall over the region and potentially bring tremendous life-threatening flooding.”


As the storm makes its way to States, an official state of emergency has been declared in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, as they are expected to take the biggest beating.


By approximately 12:10 on Monday, September 10th, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center declared the incoming Hurricane Florence was rapidly intensifying. After reaching criteria of a Category 3 hurricane, Florence was reclaimed as a Category 4.


Only a day later on September 11th, 2018, Hurricane Florence may reach the threshold to be a Category 5 storm. The warmer water that Florence is heading into is believed to strengthen the storm. But like Marshall Moss previously stated, Hurricane Florence is the first storm of it’s kind so it’s nearly impossible to tell.


Residents of the East Coast have been well aquatinted with hurricanes, although it does not make their introduction any less deadly. If Florence is stalled, it is likely they residents will suffer complications such as intense winds, storm surge flooding and beach erosion.


Please pray for residents on the East Coast as the thought of a natural disaster is utterly terrifying. Please pray the storm slows down and that the warm water from the coast helps to weaken the growing hurricane.

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