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Hurricane Simulator Speeds Up As Little Girl Flings Her Hand To Her Mouth And Screams. Seconds Later, Everyone Is Bursts Out In Tears

February 27, 2018

Sometimes, a little wind can be fun. Especially as a child, the idea of your hair flying around your face the wind is so powerful that it can practically lift you up actually sounds pretty fun! That’s why when these little girls stumbled upon a hurricane simulator at the museum, they were beyond excited to try it out!

When these little girls all huddled into this hurricane simulator, they were giddy with excitement. They anxiously awaited the wind to pick up and wind with huge grins on their face, they braced themselves for the winds that would pick up all the way to 65 miles an hour!

One of the little girl’s mom began recording, and we are so happy she did! Just moments after she pressed the record button something hysterical happened. Well, at least we think it’s hysterical.

At first, everything is fun and games… but then, the little girl in the middle makes an uncomfortable face. Next, she's thrown up her hand to her mouth and sees blood!!

As the girl begins screaming, all of the other girls turn in closer to get a look at what’s happening. All of a sudden, the little girl pulls something from her mouth!

A tooth!!!

The girls beginning screaming in terror, although everything it totally fine! I think more than anything, their adrenaline caused them to be scared. While the girl was frightened by the loss of her tooth, she was found to be okay after the matter. Her teachers say that she was overwhelmed in the moment but is completely fine! That's good news!

Check out the video below!


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