Husky Tries To Wake His Owner Yet Nothing Seems To Work. Unwilling To Give Up, This Anxious Canine Makes One Last Drastic Attempt

September 26, 2017

We've all been there. We know it's time to get up, but we just can't seem to pull ourselves from our warm, comfy bed. The alarm clock goes off; we hit the snooze while telling ourselves it's the only time we're allowed to hit that darn button. Once the alarm goes off the second and third times, we are completely aware that we must embrace the living and start our day, or so we keep telling ourselves.

In this sweet video, the alarm clock that you will see and hear is not your ordinary buzzer but, in fact, a wide-awake Husky. This loving dog is ready for Mom to wake up but, to his dismay, the owner wants a few extra minutes of beauty sleep. The cunning canine bops the bed with his paws, bows down, and lets out a playful howl. Hoping that will do the trick, he glances at the owner, but she's not budging. He's not ready to give up just yet; it's time to take his efforts to the next level.

Heading over to the foot of the bed, he gently grabs his owners heal with his mouth. As he softly tugs at her heel, however, the appendage slips from his grasp. Repositioning the foot in his mouth, and with a gentle backward motion, he tries to pull her off the bed one last time. The owner, at that point, slides her foot out of the dog’s reach, disappointing the anxious canine. In response, he throws his head back while letting out a playful cry as if to say, "Come on, Mom! Please get up." It's an adorable clip of a precious pup doing everything he can to get the morning started. Thanks to his dogged persistence both he and his mom are ready for the dawn of a bright new day!

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