If This Traveling Duo Doesn't Inspire Your Wanderlust, Then Nothing Will. Once You See Their Breathtaking Adventures, You’ll Start Planning A Trip With Your Canine ASAP

September 11, 2017

Adventure is one of those things that everyone needs to partake in at least once in his or her life. It fills you with hope and it gives you the chance to change your thinking. One man and his dog, from Nashville, remind us that we all have a little bit of wanderlust trapped deep down inside of ourselves.

Theron Humphrey and his coonhound, Maddie, run an Instagram account where you can find the most gorgeous photos of their adventures. They’ve even published a book about Maddie based on their adventures. Side-by-side, they have travelled the United States, camping and going whichever way the wind blows them.

Their Instagram is home to over 3,400 gorgeous photos of their travels. You can find them swimming and playing together, hiking, and just contemplating life. The two are living life the way it should be lived, focusing on the memories and experiences they share, rather than dedicating their life to money.

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