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If You Don’t Know Why Kate Middleton Is Not A Princess Even Though Diana Was, Here’s Why.

February 20, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered why Kate Middleton’s official title doesn’t include the word ‘princess,’ don’t worry- you’re not alone.

It would seem that when a woman marries a prince, she automatically becomes a princess. After all, that was the case for Diana; once she married Prince Charles, she became Princess Diana. When Kate married William, she became Duchess of Cambridge.

The answer, although confusing to the average person, actually makes quite a bit of sense regarding titles and status in the British monarchy.

You see, if they are born to the monarch, they are technically a prince or princess, regardless of rank. In the case of William, yes- he is a prince, but more importantly, he is a high ranking Duke. Duke is a higher ranking title than a prince, therefore it is his official title.

When Diana married Prince Charles, he was without a noble title. It wasn’t until later in life that he became a genuine Duke or Prince by rank. Therefore, Diana took his birthright title.

However, when Prince William married Kate, be ranked up. He became Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. Because Kate married him, she took his rank as well. Thus, she is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, to make matters even more confusing, Kate could technically be titled as a princess, however, she wouldn’t be called “Princess Kate.” Instead, she would be called “Princess William.” I think Duchess of Cambridge is a much more fitting than “Princess William.”

One last curveball, lets say William ranks up as the genuine Prince of Principality (Which is what his father is now), Kate could in fact become an official princess; not my birthright, but by rank.

Pretty interesting, huh? The monarch has so many interesting ways of doing things and I find it absolutely fascinating! I do think that Duchess of Cambridge is a very fitting and elegant title, and that it suits Kate well.

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