If You’ve Ever Had To Cut A Cake, You Know That It Can Be Tricky To Get Even Slices. After Watching This Video, You’ll Completely Rethink The Way You Cut Cakes

September 07, 2017

Cakes are the highlight of every party or gathering. If you’re a home cook, you carefully research the perfect flavor combinations and meticulously gather the appropriate ingredients. Depending on the occasion, you might tailor your dish to the guest-of-honor’s preferences or to a known crowd favorite. As soon as the party starts, you anxiously await the time when your dessert will be showcased.

When the moment finally arrives, guests “ooh and aah” at the beautifully crafted creation before them. Taste buds begin to water as all eyes gaze at the tantalizing confectionery treat. You grab the knife and analyze the best point of attack. You don’t want to take too long with your decision or things will start to be uncomfortable. How, though, do you precisely cut a cake into beautifully proportionate slices for your hungry guests? If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. Most struggle with the simple task of cutting a cake. It’s a much more daunting task than most realize.

The brilliant TV stars, Rachael Ray and Kelsie Nixon, have created a super simple way to tackle this task with great ease! All you need is a bowl, that’s smaller than the cake, to use as a guide. Place it in the center of your cake to make an imprint. Remove the bowl and cut a circle in the middle of your cake to almost form a smaller cake. Cut around the sides of the cake for proportionate slices and, once you reach the center of the cake, you will also have equally-portioned slices as well! Check out the video, below, to see the full tutorial!

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