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In A Rare Interview, Princess Anne Discloses Unheard Secrets About Queen Elizabeth, Leaving The World At A Loss For Words

March 29, 2018

Despite the fact that many feel they know the in’s and out’s of the British royal family, there are few things the family has managed to keep under wraps. From time to time, a member of the family will disclose information that leaves us utterly speechless.

This very thing happened recently when Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, sat down for an intimate interview with BBC’s George Alagiah. As any good daughter would, Anne had nothing but marvelous things to say about her mother. The deep admiration and adoration she has for her mother shone through her every word.

When asked about her mother’s long reign as Queen of England, she said, “Her length of time in that position and her ability to listen and talk to those leaders is virtually unique. She’s been in that position of being an honorary man for a long time. People get used to the fact you can have a conversation about things you wouldn’t normally talk to women about.”

It goes without saying that the reign of the Queen is nothing short of astounding. As of late 2015, she became England’s longest reigning monarch. In 2017, she was the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, which commemorated 65 years on the throne.

Princess Anne also mentioned tidbits of her childhood and what it was like to have a mother who held such a powerful position. “Her predecessors had traveled enormously, that was the expectation. They’d need away for very long times and that, again, was part of the expectation. Of course, it was made worse by her father dying so early on in her career that she didn’t have the option really to spend more time at home.”

One can only imagine the deep hurt, stress, and overwhelming sense of responsibility Queen Elizabeth felt when she was thrust into such a lofty position. It took some time to adjust to the enormous role before her, but she’s proven, time and time again, that she is one of the biggest blessings England has ever received. God save the Queen!


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