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Infant Elephant Collapses Into A Well- Rescuers Hope For The Best But Things Quickly Take A Turn For The Worse... Watch The Jaw Dropping Rescue

March 15, 2018

A herd of elephants was traveling through Thailand when an unthinkable and horrific situation unraveled. During the middle of the night, the herd was making their way through a rubber plantation. Not knowing their surrounds quickly got the best of one elephant.

An infant male elephant took a step onto what he thought would be firm ground when he plummeted into a 10-foot deep well. He let out a cry for help! His herd gathered around him and tried to help, but there was nothing they could do.

The elephants began letting out a collective cry and soon, plantation workers woke to see what all of the commotions was about. They were shocked to see a full herd of elephants on their plantation. After grabbing some lights, they made their way to the well where they discovered the traumatized elephant.

One worker shared, “There are a lot of wild elephants in the area so we're used to this. But I was woken up because I heard the mother elephant was showing distress. She was moody and unsettled because the young baby had fallen into the hole. That's when I called the wildlife staff for help.''

As the workers waited for the wildlife staff, the mother of the trapped elephant grew protective and rowdy. She grew so rowdy that she ended up backing into the plantation’s electric fence. The rescue of one infant quickly turned into chaos as the mother elephant was in distress.

Around 3 am, a rescue team of 5 showed up alongside a wildlife park ranger. They brought a digger free the baby elephant. As they smashed open the side of the well to create a muddy slope, the calf was able to climb up and get out of the well safely!

Everyone cheered! The mother elephant was being tended to as well and she was quickly regaining her strength. Rescuers stayed with the herd until they all carried on together as a family.

We are so grateful for the rescuers who saved these elephants! Check out the incredible story below!


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