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Infectious and Deplorable Living Conditions Causes Dog To Nearly Go Deaf. Rescuer Steps In And Say “You’ll Hear Again!”

March 05, 2018

Diamond was a senior Cocker Spaniel- mix who was living in what appeared to be a safe environment. However, upon months of investigation, it was discovered that Diamond was being severely mistreated and neglected.

After Dezzy from Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue got word Diamond’s home-life, she made it her mission to save the sweet senior dog from any more neglect. Dezzy walked into the backyard where Diamond was living and help back tears from what she was seeing; all she knew was that Diamond’s life was about to get a major upgrade.

As Dezzy called for Diamond, Diamond scurried around the perimeter of the property. Dezzy could tell she was frightened… as she wooed her, Diamond only backed away farther. Dezzy came to the conclusion that she was either deaf or blind.

Finally, after Diamond approached Dezzy, trust was formed. Together they headed to the animal clinic. That’s where they were met with the tragic reality that Diamond was, in fact, going deaf.

Sweet Diamond had a relentless infection in her ear. The doctor had no clue what it was, but he feared it was causing major harm to her ear canal. The ear was beginning to swell shut from infection. The doctor considered a yeast infection, although he knew that the damage was far too intense to be that… he really had no clue what could have destroyed poor Diamond’s ear.

Dezzy stayed by Diamond’s side as the doctor cleaned her ear thorough. Finally, after a long prep and cleaning, Diamond went in for surgery.

After surgery, Diamond awoke to her new friend Dezzy. Immediately after seeing her, she began wagging her tail like crazy! She was finally able to hear!!


Today, Diamond is in a new home with a loving family. She is living in great conditions for the first time in long life and her owners have called her an absolute joy!!! Check out the video below to see Diamond’s story!


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