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Innocent Pup Missing Half His Face From Dog Fights. After Being Rescued, He’s Living The Good Life

October 25, 2017

It all started when Larry and his adopted twin boys made their way into an animal shelter to drop off their terribly ill cat to be euthanized. The family had no intention of adopting a new pet, but when their eyes met Oogy’s, they knew that they had found their forever dog.

Oogy had just been rescued and brought to the animal shelter only moments before Larry and his family walked in. He was in terrible condition - he was severely underweight, his face was bloodied up, and he was missing part of his skull. When Larry spotted him, his heart broke for the animal and he walked right up to the vet tech and said, “I want that dog.”

It was later learned that Oogy had been used as a “Bait Dog.” A bait dog is what dog fighters use to lure their fighting dogs out into the rink. Oogy had been abused in this way for nearly his whole life, and his body bore the brokenness that proved it. Oogy was covered in scars; scar tissue covered his face; he was missing part of his skull, and one ear was entirely gone. To make matters worse, Oogy was only a puppy. He had surely gone through hell in his young life but, thankfully, his life was about to turn around.


When Larry and Oogy made eye contact, Oogy- without any hesitation- scurried over to him and began to cover him in kisses. In the midst of his pain and suffering, Oogy trusted Larry immediately. Larry and his kids fell in love with Oogy and paid for all of his surgery and treatment. The second he was out of the veterinary clinic, Oogy was home with his family and he couldn’t have been happier!


For the next several years, Oogy went on to love, play, and kiss his family endlessly. Although he had gone through traumatic suffering, he chose joy over all else and lived his life fearlessly and happily.


Recognizing the joy that Oogy had brought to his family, Larry decided to write a book for his beloved dog. After a year of writing, the short story “Oogy: A Dog Only A Family Could Love,” hit the stands. Since then, thousands have bought the book about Oogy's life, and it quickly became a New York Time's Best Seller!

Oogy had gone from trauma and terror to joy, peace, love, and happiness. The thing that makes this story so amazing is that, although Oogy was the one that was taken in, it was his family that felt like they were the blessed ones. Recognizing undeserved love is such a beautiful way to live.

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