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Internet Explodes Over Famous Singer’s Mind-Boggling Deception, Leaving Fans Utterly Stunned And Heartbroken Over What They Hoped Would Never Happen

June 22, 2018

TMZ is reporting that Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber was spotted out and about with friends in Brooklyn sporting an accessory that no one ever expected to see on the singing superstar, and it has his fans all over the world up-in-arms over this shocking development.

Bieber, 24, has been keeping company with 22-year-old actress Hailey Baldwin, but fans had convinced themselves that it was still pretty casual, keeping alive the hope that the heartthrob was still available. Then, they saw the one thing that crushed their hopes, leaving them unable to accept what was in front of their own eyes.

For at least a decade, young girls all over the world have lived with the fantasy that they would, one day, meet Justin Bieber and win his heart. And as long as the baby-faced hunk was still on the market, their hopes remained alive.

But all that changed on Thursday when paparazzi captured photos of ‘The Biebs’ proudly sporting wearing a ring on ‘that finger.’ With one snap of the camera, female fans across the globe were suddenly thrust into a pit of despair.


“did justin bieber and hailey baldwin get married? i cannot be the only one that notices that justin never wears jewelry and he's got a ring on his left ring finger?!?!”

But, thankfully, Justin didn’t let his young fans twist in the wind for too long, and confessed his deception. Sources close to Bieber spilled the truth to TMZ ... “Justin wanted to play a prank on paps by slipping a band on his left ring finger. He figured he'd sit back and watch the internet explode -- and that's pretty much what happened. Fans who posed with him wondered if he'd gotten hitched to Hailey Baldwin.”


The fun-loving singing sensation has a perverse sense of humor and must have had a good laugh when he saw how fast the false story spread across the internet.

Now that we know the truth, Bieber’s fans should be getting a much better night’s sleep tonight!


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