Iris Was A Stray Dog With Newborn Puppies, When Rescuers First Saw Her Face They Raced Into Action

August 10, 2017

When rescuers heard word about Iris, a pregnant pit bull living on the streets of Los Angeles they knew they needed to help. They were told that she was living in the bushes right next to an extremely busy road. They raced out to her last known location, hoping to save her before she gave birth.

When they arrived on scene, they found her in a little den in some dense bushes. Inside, they found that she had already given birth to three puppies who appeared to be newborn. They slowly began to gain momma’s trust with burgers, before slipping the catch pole over her head. They carefully removed her from her den and then retrieved the puppies as well.

Momma appeared to have suffered a head injury, likely blunt force trauma, which resulted in an injury to her right eye. They took her back to their rescue and found a foster home to raise her and her puppies up. Now, the entire family is safe, healthy, and looking for new homes of their very own!

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