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Is This Cute Baby A Cow Or A Dog?

February 19, 2018

This photo has been turning in to what is quite a fun game as people try to figure out if this friendly and adorable baby is a tiny cow or a fuzzy dog! Well, the answer is in and as it turns out, this adorable little guy is a baby cow!


Photos of what are being called “Miniature Cows” like this little fella are circling the internet, and capturing the hearts of everyone that sees them. What most people aren’t realizing though, is that these beautiful little guys aren’t miniature cows at all! They’re merely photos of baby Highland cattle!


The photographers are being quick to remind people that these calves will still grow into large adult cows, to make sure that people don’t go racing out to buy themselves a mini cow! Of course, that still hasn’t stopped this rumor from spreading high and low, and as far as the eye can see.


Either way, these calves have certainly won their right to internet famedom with their good looks. Thanks for playing along with us on this little game today, and be sure to let us know what you thought it was!