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It May Have Taken 20 Years But This Bride Is Finally Getting The Father/Daughter Dance She Always Dreamed Of

November 08, 2017

A woman's wedding day is one of the most special and unforgettable days of her life. Things like the ceremony, the first look, and the key dances that happen at the reception, all take careful planning. For Charlene Couillard, the plans for her wedding looked like those of most other brides, but they were missing one significant event - the father/daughter dance.

Charlene grew up with two loving parents and thought the world of both of them. So, it was quite the shock for her when her mother and father announced that they were getting a divorce. The news devastated Charlene and, because of the separation, she became estranged from her father.

Eventually, Charlene met the love of her life and became engaged to be married. As the plans commenced, Charlene knew that, because of the absence of her father in her life, there would be some crucial parts of her wedding day that would be missing. When the day of the wedding arrived, Charlene walked down the aisle to meet her husband, but she was without an escort. When the reception arrived, the father/daughter dance was conspicuously missing from the festivities.

Despite her father's absence, Charlene had an unforgettable wedding and an even better married life. Through the years, however, Charlene longed to fill the void that her father left in her life, so she began a search to try and locate her estranged father. It did not take long for Charlene to find her dad; it seemed that he had wanted to be found! Even though her dad had caused her sadness and pain, Charlene could not help but smile when she saw him for the first time in many years. The father and daughter reconciled that very day and began working to restore their relationship.

Charlene and her father both put in the effort to make their relationship whole again, and the result was all-too-apparent. Charlene's father was ecstatic to be a part of his daughter's life again; there was a time when he had thought he might never see her again. Because their relationship was stronger than ever, Charlene let her father know that she and her husband were planning to renew their vows after 20 years of happy marriage. Charlene's father was thrilled at the news, not only because he would get to be a part of the big day, but also because he could see that his daughter is truly fulfilled in her marriage.

The day of the vow-renewal arrives, and people begin to file into the church and take their seats. The music begins to play, and Charlene appears at the end of the aisle, but she is not alone; not this time. Charlene's father proudly walks her down the aisle to meet her husband. After their tearful vows are exchanged, Charlene and her husband make their way back down the aisle to loud applause from all in attendance - none louder than that from Charlene's father.

It is now time for the reception and the dancing and laughter commence. After a few songs, it comes time for the special dances. Charlene takes her father's hand, brings him to his feet and, after 20 years, embraces her father as they dance. Charlene's story shows us that redemption is just around the corner, no matter who you are and no matter how long it takes!

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