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It's The First Day Of School For Prince George. When He Gets Out Of The Car, You'll Be Utterly Charmed By His Royal Presence And Won't Be Able To Stop Smiling

September 07, 2017

It’s September, and all around the world, little ones are preparing for back-to-school. Even if your “little one” is entering middle school, high school, or college, it is still an anxiously-anticipated event. For some, it means heading back to the same old familiar place that they attended last year. For others, it means their first day of school!

I am sure it is the same across the pond, in England. Even Royals experience this thrilling first. Granted, the school may be a little more high-end, and the uniforms a little formal for our American tastes, but I guarantee you that the butterflies in the tummies and the tears on the faces of these little ones...and sometimes their parents...are exactly the same.

Here we catch a glimpse of the adorable Prince George, aged four, and third-in-line to the British throne, arriving for his first day at Thomas' Battersea, a tony prep school in London. Although I am sure Prince George is accustomed to the cameras snapping away at his every move, he must realize that this is an extra-special day.

As he emerges from the royal car, he holds tightly to his father’s hand, probably wondering why his mummy isn’t there, too. His mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is at home suffering from severe nausea brought on by her recently-announced third pregnancy. Knowing the kind of mother she is, I am sure it was difficult for her to miss this momentous occasion. It gives us some idea of how miserable she must be.

As you watch this darling royal make his way to the doors of his prep school, you’ll see him greet and shake hands with the headmistress. She may hold a position of authority in the school, but, clearly recognizing that she is subordinate to these two future kings of England, she performs a perfect curtsey in their presence.

I guarantee that, as you watch the video, below, you’ll utter at least one “Awww” and won’t be able to stop smiling. It will definitely make your day.


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