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It’s Very Possible That Prince Harry Won’t Wear A Wedding Ring Once He Marries Meghan Markle

February 20, 2018

One of the most monumental occasions in life is the day one gets engaged. It’s a moment in time that men and women alike have thought about at least once while growing up. When you meet your special someone and foresee a bright future with them, you begin planning out what the rest of your life will look like.

If you are in the eye of the public, your engagement is celebrated with millions of people across the globe. The Royal family know this to be quite true. When an engagement, marriage, or birth occurs, the entire world rejoices in unison. Because there are so many eyes watching, it’s easy to understand why each event is so meticulously planned.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged, it was, and still is, the talk of the internet. Details of the upcoming nuptials are swirling across the web as people attempt to predict just how things will go down.

One topic up for discussion is whether or not Prince Harry will be sporting a wedding band or not. There are many rules in which one must follow as a member of the Royal household and, one would assume, that wearing a wedding band would be a no-brainer. Surprisingly, opting to wear a wedding band is left up to personal preference for the gentlemen.

Neither Prince Philip nor Prince William have ever worn a wedding band simply because they aren’t comfortable wearing jewelry. Prince Charles, however, wore a wedding band during his marriage to Princess Diana and continues to do so in his second marriage to Camilla.

Only time will tell if Prince Harry will opt for a wedding band or not. Either way, the ring is a mere symbol. Their love and adoration to one another are enough to convince even the most nieve that they belong to each other.


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