It Was Just Another Day Out On The Sea for This Boat Captain Until Suddenly He Saw Something That Didn't Belong In The Water


It was just another sunny evening in Destin, Florida, for charter boat captain Jordan Smith, that is until he heard what he thought was a big splash from some trash falling into the water from a bridge high above. As he got closer he thought maybe an otter was splashing around and then saw that something was struggling to remain above water, and it wasn't an otter. 


Jordan looked down to see two little orange eyes looking up at him; pleading with him to be saved. The poor little cat was desperate to be rescued. Cats generally don't swim and the poor thing was terrified! Jordan reached down with his net and swooped up the cat, who immediately clung to him for dear life. He could feel its heart racing and held the soaking wet feline close to him to warm it up. 


Once he was to shore, Jordan took the cat to the veterinary office to be checked out. After they warmed her up and checked her out, the vet determined that she was a female. Sadly, they discovered that she had been pregnant but, unfortunately, had miscarried. Jordan, who has a dog named Princess at home, plans to adopt the cat, who is now named Miracle. It is truly a miracle that Jordan happened to be there right at the very moment someone had attempted to do away with the cat! Check out the video to hear more of Jordan and Miracle's amazing story. 

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It Was Just Another Day Out On The Sea for This Boat Captain Until Suddenly He Saw Something That Didn't Belong In The Water
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