It Was Time For The Wedding But Nobody Expected This To Happen Next [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017


Love is in the's wedding season again. This is the moment you've waited for your entire life. You hooked the groom, you have a venue, you've picked the flowers, groomsmen and bridesmaids are excited, you said, "Yes to the dress."

Now it's show time.

The music starts to play as a tear starts to fall from your eye. But it's not your turn yet.. first the wedding party and then, of course, the ring bearer and the cutest FLOWER GIRLS...

That's at least how you picture it to happen. Everything is perfect! But far too often things don't turn out how we pictured and that's what happened for this bride, it didn't turn out how she thought but it sure did make everyone laugh and it upped the entertainment factor on her wedding.

Watch the video below of the BEST flower girl entrance in wedding history!


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