Ivan Was Shot With BBs And Abused. Thanks To His New Family, He’s Leaving It All Behind

November 17, 2017

Ivan is a gorgeous tan-and-white Boxer and Pit Bull mix who lives with his adoring family in Georgia. Ivan loves to spend his free time going on long hikes, adventuring whenever he can. When he’s not going on his strolls through the mountains and forests, you can find this wonderful pup playing fetch or racing against his canine friends!

Ivan may be living the kind of life that every dog dreams of now, but his life wasn’t always so full of love and happiness. In fact, the beginning of this sweet canine’s life can be described as something straight out of a nightmare. The first year of Ivan’s life found him living in his own personal hell.

Ivan’s original family cared for him at first, taking the best care of him they could, until they grew tired of him. They resented cleaning up after him when they neglected to potty train him. They stopped caring about providing him with the food he needed when they decided he became too expensive.

Instead of doing the responsible thing and finding Ivan a new home with a family that would care and provide for him, they made the despicable decision to abuse him. The beat him harshly and denied him medical care when he needed it the most. He was given just enough to survive, not enough to thrive.

As if the blatant neglect wasn’t bad enough, they began to shoot at Ivan with a BB gun, not caring about the pain they caused him. He was terrified and in a lot of pain and, yet again, his abusers did nothing to help him. It wasn’t until a local shelter stepped in and removed him from the house that Ivan was saved from his hell.

Even after being saved, Ivan still was not safe. He was placed up for adoption, and as time passed, the odds began to grow slimmer and slimmer. Luckily for Ivan, his story would not end in the dark and dingy kennel he called home. One day, a passing couple spotted the terrified pup, shivering and terrified, at the back of his kennel. It was love at first sight.

When Ivan went home with his family, it took him a while to understand that he no longer had reason to fear. During his time at his new home, he would have to overcome heartworms and the removal of additional BB pellets, the leftover relics of his horrible past. Nowadays, Ivan is a beloved family pet, and he has never let the nightmare of his past ruin his future. He spends his days chasing after his toy, a green tennis ball, and curls up under the covers with his momma every night.

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