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Izzy And Lucy Are The Two Best Of Friends Who Have Overcome Their Neglect Thanks To Their Close Bond

November 15, 2017

Lucy and Izzy are two canines with the closest friendship anyone could ever know. These loving dogs are affectionately called sisters from another mister by their owner, because of how close they are. Izzy, a black Newfoundland mix, is the older of the two at 11 years old. Izzy, the Lab and Shepherd mix is only two years old. These two are extremely close and can almost always be found hanging out with each other.

Lucy and Izzy may now be living the best life possible, but it wasn’t always so for these happy canines. The starts of their lives were full of fear and loss, pain and terror. These two dogs have been able to overcome it all thanks to their close bond.

As a very young puppy, Lucy was thrown out of a moving pickup truck. They never slowed down or even stopped after abandoning her to die. Luckily for her, a passing motorist spotted her on the side of the road not too long after and immediately raced her to the vet where she could get the care she needed.

Lucy was extremely thin; her owners had been starving her as well. She was very weak and was suffering from a horrible infestation of fleas, ticks, and worms. She was extremely dehydrated at the time she was saved as well. If it hadn’t been for that motorist who found her, Lucy would surely be dead today. Lucy was adopted quickly when she was older by her perfect forever family, where she has lived ever since.

Izzy was born in Puerto Rico, where she was living as a wild street pup. She was finally picked up by Island Dog Rescue, and they discovered she was suffering from a horrific case of mange. After they got her healthy, they began to search for her forever home.

She was adopted by a couple in Miami, Florida. When she arrived at her new house, the first time dog owners immediately regretted their decision. They asked the rescue if they could send her back to Puerto Rico because they couldn’t keep her. Lucy’s foster mother stepped in and agreed to foster Izzy until she found a new home in the states.

Izzy and Lucy have been close friends from the start, and they can’t imagine being without each other anymore. They love to race through the yard, playing fetch and wrestling through all the hours of the night! These best friends were surely made for each other, and we’re so glad they were able to meet each other.

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