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Jack The Cockatiel Has A Favorite Little Companion, When You See What It Is You Won’t Be Able To Help But Smile

August 16, 2017

Birds are a lot of fun to watch, whether it be the wild birds outside as they fly around or a pet bird who gets into silly situations! They tend to be curious and playful little companions! They can also be quite mischievous as they get into things they certainly should not be in.

Jack is a cockatiel with an adorable Instagram where he posts very professional photographs about once a month. He started his Instagram back in September of 2013, and he’s been active since then.

Jack’s Favorite companion made his first appearance in November of 2014, and they’ve been hanging out every since. They’ve been doing everything from skateboarding to playing with flowers together. His Teddy Bear is definitely his favorite companion, as the dinosaurs seem to just confuse this adorable bird!

All across his account you can find photos of him being active either by playing soccer or skateboarding. Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a delicious snack from time to time - like popcorn and watermelon. He loves to cater his photos to the month as well. He dons a santa hat around christmas or poses next to halloween props come October!

If you love birds, Cockatiels make amazing pets! They tend to be very social and love to be around people and birds. While they can’t talk like parrots, they do make some beautiful sounds! They also don’t get very big, only about 12” long from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail. All of these facts combine to tell you why this is actually the second most popular bird in the United States!

Cockatiel’s live to be about ten to fourteen years old, which isn’t all that old for a bird really! However, it means we still have plenty of time to see a lot more of Jack!

Jack’s Instagram many not be the most active with only 173 posts, but his photos are amazing enough that over 50,500 people still follow! Hopefully, this adorable cockatoo continues to post more funny photos for a long time to come!

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