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Teen Vanishes After Witnessing Brutal Murder Of Father. Now, 1 Year Later, A Turn Of Events Brings Search Team To A Screeching Halt

August 29, 2018

In August 2017, police released information about the brutal murder of Ohio man, Robert Caldwell. Robert had recently been granted custody of his children and was currently at home with his 15-year-old son, Jacob, when his ex-wife, Tawnney, entered the premises.


She shot and killed him on the spot, right in front of Jacob. Upon seeing the horrific scene, he fled. Though he was spotted days later on a Walmart surveillance camera, the family had no inkling of his whereabouts.


One year passed and the family was still beside themselves in worry over the strange disappearance of young Jacob. They never ceased searching for him, hoping and praying for his safety.

One year later, the family was given news they never thought they’d hear: Jacob had been found - alive. According to news sources, the young teen was found in the basement of a residence 40 miles away from his home.


When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that he had been living in the basement for a year with four other adults. After further investigation, police discovered that these adults had no relation to Jacob, but were friends with his mother.


Sources claim: “It does not appear that Jacob was being hidden in the basement, but rather that it was his primary area of sleep.” He seemed to be in good health, but it was apparent that he hadn’t received a haircut since he came up missing.

The authorities confirmed: “Jacob also went a year without attending school or socializing with friends. It appears that all he has been doing for the past year is sitting inside, watching TV and playing video games.”


Authorities are considering filing obstruction of justice charges against the four adults as well as other charges against family members or ‘whoever initiated him taking off that night.’”

Though the coming days and years will not be easy, the family can no rest with ease knowing that their Jacob is out of harm’s way and is safe and sound once more.


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