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Kate Middleton’s Brother Breaks His Usual Silence With A Raw, Painful Admittance That Sends Fans Into Complete Hysteria

March 05, 2019

One of the more private individuals in connection with the British Royal Family has chosen to forego his usual silence and spill the beans on an issue he’s been dealing with for quite some time.

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, 31-year-old James Middleton, rarely pops into the spotlight. He is under the expansive shadow of his older sister, but completely respects her role and position in one of the most powerful families in the world.

James is often unseen unless there is a grand celebration where extended members of the family are invited, such as a christening, wedding, or other monumental celebration.

He does post occasionally to his personal Instagram account and normally it’s sweet images of his dogs and his adventures. On March 5, though, he made one post that raised red flags for many of the royal family followers.

The image he chose to share was that of himself and one of his adorable dogs out in a vast, snowy landscape. He captioned the photo: “I’ve been in the angst of loneliness, where you’re really alone in the universe. Luckily for me, I had my dogs.”

To some, this might seem relatively harmless and something they’d pass over quickly. Those that truly know James, though, knew exactly what he was talking about.

A little over a year ago, sources confirm that James sat down for a very real and raw interview where he opened up about his ongoing battle with depression. It became so severe for him that he eventually ended up seeking out treatment.

Sources recall his words concerning his depressive state: “During the day, I’d drag myself up and go to work, then just stare with glazed eyes at my computer screen, willing the hours to tick by so I could drive home again.”

He continued: “Debilitating inertia gripped me. I couldn’t respond to the simplest message so I didn’t open my emails. I couldn’t communicate, even with those I loved best: my family and close friends.”

“I know I’m richly blessed and live a privileged life. But it did not make me immune to depression. It is tricky to describe the condition. It is not merely sadness. It is an illness, a cancer of the mind,” he stated.

Now, nearly a year following his bought with severe depression, his recent Instagram admittance has people worried that he is, yet again, back in the grip of it. We can only hope and pray that he continues to seek the help he needs to overcome this “cancer of the mind” and that he can find true happiness and peace beyond it all.

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