Jamon Is The Cutest Pig Ever, And He’s Determined To Change How You View Pigs. When You See How Adorable He Is, You Just Might Understand His Message

September 21, 2017

Pigs are kept as pets all around around the world. Many unsuspecting pig purchasers, however, are misled into believing that their pet will never grow to be more than 25 or 30 pounds. This is usually false information and, once the pigs inevitably surpass the promised size, many are given up for adoption. When these one-time pets are adopted they usually end up on someone’s plate because few people are interested in having this large of a pig around, unless, of course, it’s for their dinner. One pig named Jamon was lucky enough to have a family who loved him, no matter his size.

When Jamon outgrew the size range they were told when they purchased him, his family decided to keep him anyway. Now, Jamon is a gigantic pig who is still very much loved by his devoted family. In fact, you might say he’s living “High on the Hog!” Jamon enjoys dressing up in all sorts of outfits and lounging around on his large, comfortable bed.

Now, Jamon has dedicated his life to showing that, even though Mini Pigs aren’t quite as "mini" as most people think, they still make magnificent pets if you take proper care of them! Some of Jamon’s favorite activities include rooting around in the garden, dressing up, and sleeping in the sunshine. Thanks to one loving family, this big guy is going out of his way to show the appealing nature of Mini Pigs, causing many people to rethink these wonderful animals.

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