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Without A Trace: One Month After Parents’ Brutal Murders, 13-Year-Old Still Missing - Local Rumor May Shed New Light What Really Happened That Terrible Night

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November 14, 2018

It's been one month since 13-year-old Jayme Closs disappeared on the same night that her mother and father were brutally massacred. In the weeks that followed the October 15th double murder of Denise and James Closs in their Barron, Wisconsin home, hundreds of tips and leads have been investigated. But none has led to the whereabouts of the daughter who was confirmed to have been home that night.


With nothing else to go on, authorities are looking into a rumor that has gained popularity within the community in which the family lived. And if the rumor is true, then investigators may have been looking in the wrong direction. 

According to Fox News, “With no suspects, no sighting of the child, and scarce physical evidence one month after the Oct. 15 murders, police in the small town of Barron are scrutinizing the few clues they have, starting with the mysterious 911 call and a front door riddled with bullet holes.”


Police were first alerted to the events at the Close home when they received a mysterious 9-1-1 call in which no one spoke. "No one talked on that call and we don't know who made it. We heard voices but we can’t make out what was said," Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald of Barron County told Fox News, saying that it sounded to him as though the call may have been made from another room - not the one in which the intrusion was occurring.


Now, many unfounded reports are claiming that perhaps Jayme had met an older man online and that somehow, she went off with him after the murders. They are not coming right out and saying that she had anything to do with it, but some social media users are pointing to other cases in which a daughter and boyfriend murder her parents because they won’t let them see each other.


Again, this is nothing more than a rumor at this time, but with little else to go on, all theories - even distasteful ones - need to be fully explored.

As family and friends wait for any updates on the whereabouts of the 13-year-old, police are turning to the public to assist them in finding Jayme. One Twitter user posted photos of what Jayme might look like with different hairstyles:


“She won’t be smiling so focus on her chin dimple, eyebrows, skin. Her hair color could be changed or covered. Focus on he face…especially her chin dimple.”

With a $50,000 reward on the table for credible information leading to her discovery, authorities are hopeful that they will catch a break soon. The longer she is missing, the worse it looks for her safe return.


Please continue praying for Jayme. With everyone joining in the cause, her chances are sure to improve exponentially.



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