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Jealous Pit Bull Wants Attention- Her Breed Is Believed To Be Aggressive, But She'll Show You How She Really Feels

March 06, 2018

Pit bulls get a bad reputation; most people tend to think that they’re fighting dogs and nothing more. However, this sweet pit bull named Gemma is about to make you think twice about their aggression…

Gemma is a loving family dog who has a little brother named Elliott. Elliott and Gemma are two peas in a pod. They can be seen doing anything and everything together; from lounging on the couch to playing outside, these two are each other’s back pockets.

But when Elliot finds a new friend, a friend that Gemma can’t play with, she’s heartbroken!

Elliott begins spending his time with an iPad. At first, Gemma waits patiently while Elliott plays his game. But then, only after only a couple minutes of playing a game on the iPad, Gemma’s patience has worn off. She wants to play with her brother!

Desperate for attention, Gemma begins softly nudging Elliott, “Do remember me, Elliott?” she wonders, but Elliott is lost in his game.

After a couple nudges, she takes a different route…. A more “invasive route.”

Gemma begins covering him with kisses!! She licks his whole face! From his chin to his forehead. She begins licking him so hard that little Elliott actually begins sliding back on the wood floor!

Gemma’s love is persistent! She licks Elliott until he can’t ignore her any longer! Check out the video below! Would you be able to ignore a loving dog like Gemma?


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