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Jellybean Was Kept In Deplorable Conditions, Then Left To Die. Thanks To Her Rescuer, She’s Now A Beloved Pet

November 01, 2017

Jellybean is a tiny, three-pound Chihuahua who lives with her doting owner in New York. She loves to go on long walks in the city, enjoying the hustle-and-bustle of the loud chaos. She is also fond of going down to the seashore and breathing in the salty air, reveling in her amazing life.

The beginning of Jellybean’s life was nowhere near as amazing as her current life. In fact, it can only be described as horrific and depressing. Young Jellybean’s life began clear across the country in Los Angeles, California where she lived with a hoarder in a horrible home where she was neglected.

Jellybean lived with over 40 other Chihuahuas for the beginning of her young life, where she never received the attention she desperately needed. Food was scarce, and it was split between all the dogs. The house itself was full of feces and urine, making it an extremely unsanitary place for not only the hoarders but the dogs as well.

No one is sure what happened, but one day, the hoarder abandoned the dogs at the local animal shelter. Maybe the hoarder passed away and relatives turned them over, or maybe the person finally got help for the hoarding. Either way, Jellybean was finally saved from the horrible life she’d been forced to live.

In September of 2016, a woman named Ashley signed up to be a foster parent for at-need dogs with The Social Tees Rescue. Social Tees pulled a majority of the Chihuahuas, and Ashley became Jellybean’s foster parent! It wasn’t long before Ashley was head over heels in love with this playful two-year-old, and she became her official adoptive mother.

The first two years of Jellybean’s life may not have been the best, but we’re sure the rest of her life is going to be full of love and cuddles! Now, every day, she searches for extra belly rubs instead of extra food. She spends her free time chewing on her favorite toys, curling up with her owners, swimming, and being a playful goof!

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